FFP2 respiratory protection for € 0,83

The new generation of respiratory protection

All you need is our starter set, and from then on an FFP2 respirator will only cost you 83 cents

In addition, the environment is protected due to the lower consumption of disposable material.

For adults & children!

Filter pads - interchangeable

Only 83 cents each!

Interchangeable filter pads protect the environment and your wallet. It also prevents customers from taking a risk and wearing a possible contaminated mask a second time. Since the costs for FFP2 masks are currently very high. Filter pads are very cheap in comparison.

Easy handling

1) Place a filter pad in the holder. The gentle side faces the face. 2) Slowly fix the holder to the mask. Make sure that the filter pad is fixed. 3) Adjust the ear hooks as needed. These can also be placed around the head. 4) Your Hygmask is now ready to wear!

Easy sterilization

Cleaning and sterilizing is easy.

Dispose of filter pads. Place all parts of the mask in boiling water. Approx. 15 minutes. Then let it cool down. Finished!

The mask is made of food-safe silicone and can withstand temperatures from -40 ° to + 230 °.

For our health and the environment!

Due to the high material requirements of the disposable respirator masks, there is not only a shortage of respirators, but also tons of garbage. This can now be easily avoided thanks to the Hygmask.

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