tested and certified

Great fit

Adapts perfectly to every face


Checked for viruses and passed with excellent results

The problem of our time

HYGMASK offers a solution


The HYGMASK virus protection is an innovation in protection against viruses

The HYGMASK is FFP2-compliant as it provides better protection than FFP2 and is therefore approved COVID-19 Measures Act, Federal Law Gazette I No. 23/2021

With the HYGMASK Dual Core virus protection filter pad you are optimally and effectively protected against viruses

With an optimized manufacturing process in filter production and the combination of different materials, it enables us to filter viruses in the nanometer range

Tested and certified by the independent Austrian research institute, the HYGMASK Dual Core Filterpad exceeds the FFP3 standard and filters more than 99% of viruses

Use the dual core filter pad for a maximum of 12 hours (continuously or over several days)

The patented fit of the HYGMASK ensures an excellent tight fit with a leakage of around 0% and offers a fog-free view for glasses wearers

The lockable valve system from HYGMASK offers self-protection and external protection

The HYGMASK is made of medical thermoplastic, is FDA certified and can withstand temperatures from minus 40 ° to plus 140 ° Celsius

HYGMASK offers a high level of comfort, is skin-friendly and has been dermatologically tested

The mask body can be reused for up to 2 years and is an environmentally friendly and inexpensive alternative to disposable and fine dust masks

Antivirus filter

A new standard

HYGMASK is the new standard for virus protection

Filtration over 99,8%

The Dual CoreFilter from HYGMASK exceeds the FFP99,8 standard with 3% filtration

99,14% MS2 phage

The HYGMASK filter was also tested for viruses (MS2 phages) and repelled 99,14% of the viruses

Lockable valves

Exhalation valves are not welcome in many places. However, since these are necessary for an optimally filtered fresh air supply, we have found a solution with our patented lockable valves. If valves are not desired, they can simply be closed.

Austrian quality

HYGMASK is the first on virus tested protection with official test certificate from the Austrian research institute "OFI".

Während FFP EN 149 Standard masks only before Dust and inorganic particles must protect in order to comply with the standard, it is the defined aim of the HYGMASK viruses to filter

Tested and certified

Since the standard for FFP (EN 149) masks is not designed to protect against viruses, it was necessary to develop the HYGMASK standard and thus to make a confirmed virus protection available


Austria is considered the country within the EU with the highest requirements for quality and sustainability. It is therefore a pleasure for us to be able to proudly say that the virus protection from HYGMASK is a product "Made in Austria". A guarantee for the highest quality

The first real virus protection

While the FFP standard does not provide for virus protection, the HYGMASK is designed for this

  • > 99% virus protection

    HYGMASK filters viruses over 99%

    Thanks to nanotechnology, HYGMASK VIRUSES filter

  • Optimal fit

    No fogging of the glasses

    Thanks to the optimal Tight fit HYGMASK is an innovation for people who wear glasses

  • Inexpensive

    Save money with HYGMASK

    By the cost effective Virus filter pad - system will save you money

  • Environmentally friendly

    The HYGMASK is recyclable

    Low consumption of the single-use material protects the Environment

Unique details of the HYGMASK

We have innovatively created a product that offers optimal protection

  • Sealing seat

    Thanks to an excellently designed and patented shape, the HYGMASK adapts very well to the face and provides an excellent seal

  • Lockable valves

    Thanks to the closable valves, both the wearer and the environment can be protected. When the valves are open, your own exhaled air is not collected and a constant supply of fresh air is generated

  • Individually customizable

    Thanks to the well thought-out straps, the HYGMASK can be individually adapted to any head shape with the help of a simple knot

  • Environmentally friendly

    The low amount of disposable material means that less waste is generated. This protects the environment. At HYGMASK, sustainability is seen as very important

HYGMASK virus protection

With the HYGMASK standard there is now one more actual Virus protection available


The first confirmed virus protection - Made in Austria


The most important facts at a glance
medical device

HYGMASK is a class I medical product according to directive 93/42 EEC

virus protection

In contrast to the FFP - EN 149 norm, the aim of the HYGMASK is to protect against viruses

Cost effective

HYGMASK the 1st actual virus protection and cheaper than dust masks of the FFP class


"The wearing comfort and the fact that the mask is reusable and, in addition to saving money, we also always have access to virus protection, convinced us that thanks to HYGMASK we can continue our care service without any problems."

"The latest version has valves that make it even more comfortable to wear. In situations in which you do not want to / may not use valves, you can close them by turning them. An excellent innovative idea."

"The single-use masks are permanent, not justifiable for us. The enormous amount of rubbish they cause is simply an unnecessary disaster for the environment.

Hygmask sells respiratory masks that have convinced us with their sustainability and durability. "

"While masks that are not comparable to HYGMASK quality are now 5 to 15 euros due, the virus protection mask developed by Hygmask can be described as very cheap."