We say goodbye!

Due to the given situation that under the pretext of a so-called "pandemic" in the medical device industry, there were very strong deviations from the MPG, we are closing our shop.
As the only certified VIREN!!!!! - Protection, we are forced to stop the activity, because there have been and are real suspected crimes on the market.
Until the industry has washed your reputation clean, we will not resume operations.
We wish everyone to get through the autumn and winter healthy and not to be scared by lies.
We thank you for the trust you have given us.
However, as the only reputable provider, we are forced to clear the field because the state and also the city of Vienna under Dr. Michael Ludwig was not interested in supporting a product produced and certified in Austria.
Instead, FFP2 and FFP3 masks were recommended and made available to medical staff. These are not suitable for protection against viruses.
It is our product. Therefore, we were probably a disruptive factor in the deception of the people.

During this time we also had to deal with corruption, verifiable for the regional court (commercial court) Wiener Neustadt. A report by the WKSTA was included here despite clear evidence, but it was not followed up. Fact: In Wiener Neustadt even the cleaning lady could refuse a case because one (perhaps even several) electronic signatures are freely accessible there. So that district attorneys whose limit is €5.000 can reject cases with a value in dispute of well over €100.000, and after filing a complaint with the WKSTA that these judges have not been in court for almost 10 years, this will not be the case followed up properly.

We wish everyone to get through this time well and when the sun shines again enjoy it too!

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