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We watched with horror what prices for respiratory protection are being asked and looked for a solution.
It was our goal to offer at least one FFP2 class respirator for € 1. It has now become 99 cents.

As a manufacturer of basic pharmaceutical products and medical instruments based in London / UK since 2015 and warehouse and shipping office in Vienna, Austria, it was easy for us to help develop an affordable option for respiratory protection. In particular, we have recognized the urgency of breathing masks. That is why we opened our new company almost overnight, found a manufacturing facility and created this online shop. Our goal is to give the civilian population access to respiratory masks that offer protection and not just fashion, because obviously a shortage has arisen due to current needs and the inventory that is available must be given priority to medical personnel.

We are therefore pleased to be able to offer you these at a fair price.  

We hope to satisfy as many customers as possible with our products and that as many of us as possible stay healthy in these difficult days!

If you have any questions, please contact us by email.


 Oliver Antunovic

CEO & Founder