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Earn money now with Hygmask!

We at Hygmask could no longer accept that the correct respiratory protection (from filtration level FFP2) has reached a price category in which approx. € 748,50 is necessary for the monthly requirement per person.

This is pure madness!

That is why we developed the Hygmask! Here 1 piece of FFP2 protection costs only € 0,83

Right, only 83 cents!

We also give everyone the chance to earn money in this apparently infinite market by launching an MLM program that is second to none:

  • Products that are currently in demand all over the world
  • These products at a price everyone can afford (83 cents each)
  • A fair remuneration

There are a total of 3 levels below your own.

You get 10% for your own mediated business

For the brokered business of the downline:

  1. level: 5%
  2. level: 3%
  3. level: 2%

All withdrawals take place every 14th of the month. These include all qualified commissions from the previous month. This is because we observe a shipping time of approx. 7 days and the customer's 14 days return policy.

Qualified commissions arise from sales that the customer has paid for and has not returned.

Please note that the commissions are calculated based on the net value of the goods (excluding VAT) and excluding shipping costs.

We hope you will be part of the team and wish you success with Hygmask!

Your Hygmask team

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