Welcome to HYGMASK!

Since FFP2 and FFP3 protective masks are not virus protection, it was my concern to develop such protection and bring it to the market. All this at an affordable price.

All manufacturers of FFP2 masks also point out that FFP2 is no virus protection. Finally, FFP2 masks filter particles as large as 600 nanometers. Viruses start at 200 nanometers, however, and can only be smaller.

Because I was already working on a CO2 filter on another project, a few more steps and solutions were necessary to optimize the molecular structure of the existing CO2 filter so that sufficient breathing air but no viruses can get through.

I have succeeded!

Confirmed by the OFI (Austrian research institute and the MA39 (testing, inspection and certification body of the City of Vienna) I am pleased to offer you the HYGMASK virus protection.

In order to get through these times in good health and to look forward to a joyful future!


Oliver Antunovic CEO & Founder